• Let's light up your ideas!

  • Dynamic Light Box

    Dynamic brings you different visual feeling with live animation and make your printed design comes to life by combining them with moving lights and create the perfect atmosphere.


    Play custom animation for your branding and advertising using a programmable led board.

  • Advertising Light Box 

    Lightbox is a simple way to promote your business and draw potential clients. Usually used for advertising and signages.


    Replaceable graphics, Silicon Insert Strip Easy to install media to lightbox. Provide constant advertising and Energy Efficient.

  • Double Sided Light Box

    Customized your available space and maximizing visual impact, uses high-quality material and ultra-bright LED module to provide even illumination on both sides.

    Large Format LED Light Box

    The most advance LED technology on the market designed to be wall-mounted we create and offer a large display scale that can be used as a standard lightbox and seamlessly wrapping around corners or surroundings columns.

    Slim Light Box

    A lightweight and manufactured using slim aluminum frame designed for wall mounted application printed on high-quality fabric material using UV print technology to create high-quality display solution.

    Customized Lighted Frame

    We have a standard range of frames and create customized shapes to suit various applications designed to offer flexibility created using an in-house loop machine.

  • Projects

  • SMDC

    LED Light Box



    Wall Mounted LED Light Box

    Cebu Airport

    Wall Mounted & Pillar LED Light box

    Kenneth & Mock

    Wall Mounted LED Light box


    Wall Mounted Curve LED Light Box

    SK Aero

    LED Chandelier

    BGC Bus

    Sticker bus wrapped


    LED Light Box

    Tea Monkey

    Wall Mounted & Lighted Frame

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